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Salute the Flag!


Audie, at twenty one years of age, is a kind and generous young woman with a bubbly personality but lacks self confidence, eventually creating insecurities that leave her susceptible to manipulation from those possessing a stronger persona.


However, her world is about to expand and feed her self-assurance.  Her limited knowledge and personal qualifications, a result of her lack of self belief, is about to be vastly improved by her participation in a most unusual style of finishing school experience.


Travelling the world with her husband, she will personally experience the extremes of pleasure and pain, both mentally and physically.


A variety of people heralding from various walks of life, crammed together within the confined space of a ship, there’s bound to be trouble!  Fun, frivolity and general bad behaviour will ensue amidst the ongoing objective of the daily operation of a huge seagoing vessel; its fate in the hands of just a few men.


The whole experience will help build Audie’s personal strength enabling her to form her own opinions and, ultimately, decisions relating to her future; to inspire her through a combination of traditional stalwart nautical regulations and unplanned human mayhem, to take control of her own life, discover a family secret from the past and finally, create her own destiny.


Salute Cover Viki
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