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Thank you for visiting my site.  I built it myself so please bear with me while I learn more and make improvements!


Before writing novels, I was an accountant and in recent years an internal auditor but in November 2013 I suffered a cardiac arrest; if not for the life saving efforts of my neighbours, I would not be around today.  

Subsequently, I was fitted with an Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD) with the intention that should my heart decide to stop again, it would be shocked back into life.


Requiring some months to convalesce, I realised I had plenty of time to indulge my lifelong passion and write.


While compiling the first draft of my preliminary novel I had no definite ending in mind then, one afternoon, I suddenly realised that my cardiac experience would be the perfect event to weave into the conclusion.  This flash of inspiration continued to even prompt the book's title!  

I also hoped the whole would raise awareness of the fantasic piece of equipment that an ICD is.


I initially published my debut novel, "Defibrillator Dollybird", as an ebook with Amazon in November 2014 then decided to self publish the paperback in April 2015.  


The book I always wanted to write, my second novel, "Salute The Flag", is now available as an ebook and paperback but I am still looking for an Agent in the hope of expanding my audience.


My third novel, "To Hear A Blackbird Sing" is also completed and available as paperback and ebook on Amazon.


A Devon girl at heart, I love painting the beautiful Dartmoor scenes that surround me.

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