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Defibrillator Dollybird, documents the adventures of Jack, a handsome young, Building Contractors’ Foreman.  His overall macho appearance is complimented by his heavyweight build and amateur boxing skills.

The novel opens circa 1979 and spans the years starting in his early ‘twenties’ through to his ‘fifties’; a record of his individual development from a beer swilling, twenty two year old absent parent, frequenting local pubs with his friends and workmates, into a polished, dinner suited sommelier, attending lavish dinner parties in London and throughout the world.  However, one anomaly in his life is constant throughout, women; due to his sunny nature, charm and sexual prowess, they literally throw themselves at him. His Mother is far from amused by his situation.

Meanwhile, his employers, a large building company with overseas interests, recognise his potential and provide him with a welcome escape route by sending him to one of their building sites abroad in the Philippines.  However, within only a few hours of his arrival, Jack is involved in an incident with a local pimp, come drug dealer that causes local administration chaos, resulting in the site being temporarily closed down!


Aware of his amateur boxing skills, an old school friend, who is manager of an up and coming local rock/punk band, invites Jack to become a temporary security guard for one or two local gigs.  The handsome, band ‘bouncer’ finds the whole music scene great fun and due to his sunny, generous nature, befriends the band’s lead singer, eventually becoming his personal bodyguard when the band reach global fame and recognition.  Jack is now an integral part of the musical world, regularly mixing with the rich and famous.  

As his journey through life progresses he attempts marriage a second time, however his zest for life, fun, and hitherto lack of responsibility, affect this new relationship and within a few years the marriage inevitably breaks down.   Although saddened by the outcome, he suddenly lands a dream job consulting and overseeing building projects in the Caribbean.  His life style becomes more lavish due to the wealthy people he is constantly mixing with; this attitude, corresponding with his carefree outlook on life, encourage him to spend his hard earned cash extravagantly, giving no pause for a thought to provide for his future. A bevy of beautiful women continually flow in and out of his life.


Moving into his fifties his hedonistic lifestyle catches up with him and he loses everything.  Penniless, but without regret, he realises he has lived every minute of his life to the full enjoying a champagne lifestyle but made no provision for his latter years.  Resigned to his fate, he thinks his life is lost to romance forever; then, quite unexpectedly, he meets the woman of his dreams.  However, this woman is very different to his past conquests.  Slightly reserved, she holds a secret and appears impervious to his charms.  Will the woman Jack now feels he truly loves, not just wants for fun, return his affection?



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I didn't intend this book to be my first.  The style is much different to that of my second and subsequent novels due to the nature of the story and the fact that it was my first attempt at a novel!


As mentioned previously, I started to write in order pass the time during my recovery.  I had some idea of the main plot but no specific ending when I started to type.  My main goal was to actually complete it.  It was fun to write and the experience left me keen to continue!

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