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Since I first built this site a lot of events have passed both personally and worldwide, covid being the main challenge for many; having catapulted many businesses into profit others have floundered.

Personally, my heart has been playing up!  A simple change of defibrillator/pacemaker during June 2020 (its battery was about to run out) brought about more tests that discovered a faulty mitral valve.

It also explained why I was always last in any school sports day running event...

A successful surgery was carried out to repair the valve but unfortunately, during surgery, I suffered a stroke which affected all my left side and part of my right.

If you suffered Rheumatic Fever and Strep throat as a child please see your Doctor as, in some cases, it can damage your heart muscle.

Although this has put paid to my writing/typing ability all is not school I excelled in Art; it was hoped I would enrol at Art College but life does not always follow the paths you all was forgotten, until the stroke.

Trying to accept what I now cannot do has been very depressing until I remembered the skill I had enjoyed so much in my teens then realized I could rekindle that skill.  So, I have started to paint again, concentrating on watercolour and I'll be uploading some of my pictures once my hand and finger dexterity and website skills improve!

And, in time, I hope the areas affected by the stroke will recover.


My first exhibition as part of the Drawn To The Valley group of Artists at the Butcher's Hall, Tavistock.  


21 OCTOBER 2023

It was touch and go but Shanearella made it to the #LordMayor’s Battle of Trafalgar Charity Dinner in #HMSDrake tonight.

I had Virtigo yesterday and thought I would not be well enough to attend but it seemed to clear this morning especially for the Event; I had been invited through #PlymouthDogTrainingClub (Treasurer).

Thank you #JackieRalph for fixing my hair and doing the zip up on my dress.

I managed to hobble as gracefully as I possibly could on a fabulous pair of stilettos I thought I’d never wear again And,

the watercolour picture I painted for the Auction, on behalf of the club, made £200 so I was well chuffed.

And, not only did I NOT lose a glass stiletto but the three horses pulling my coach turned into three Irish Water Spaniels when I turned into my drive…


Welcome to my blog


Which is an ongoing quest to become an established author and promote my painting.

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