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    Since writing the text below much has happened in my life; a stroke suffered during surgery for heart valve repair then heart failure shortly after.  A turbulent year or so but one for embracing change. 

At secondary school I was considered a bit of an Artist and advised to apply for Art College

but the idea fizzled away although I dabbled in oil paining when I could find the time, now I have another chance to develop a long forgotten ability and I've added a Gallery page that shows watercolours available for purchase.

I will try to have a stall at local village fairs during the summer months.  Check Contact Page for dates.


During 2013, after many years of working in the finance sector, I made the decision to kick off my writing career as a Novelist.


I'm now delighted to have completed my third book.  

  My latest novel spans the life of a country boy who, seeking adventure, enrolls in the Royal Artillery in 1939.  

His first posting is to the Far East and when he steps ashore in Hong Kong, having never left his home county before, he thinks he has landed in heaven.  Unfortunately his utopia quickly turns into a living hell.



My first novel, Defibrillator Dollybird, has been described as an entertaining romp!  

I hope it will be enjoyed as such for many years to come.


For every ebook and paperback sold; I will be making a small donation to the  

 British Heart Foundation

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Blackbird Kindle COVER (6x9in)
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